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the capn's log

A Pirate's life for me

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my pet!

138, 42, action figures, aliens, american history, anarchy, animaniacs, anime, art bell, astronomy, baseball, batman, belly dancers, big cities, bill cosby, billy west, books, buccaneers, cartoons, castles, chick rock, chocolate milk, claire danes, college basketball, comic books, cowboy bebop, cross country, darkness, delorean, dinosaurs, disney movies, donnie darko, dr pepper, dungeons and dragons, elizabeth college, exotic accents, fantasy, final fantasy, flogging molly, foamy, ganster movies, ghost hunting, ghostbusters, girl singers, girls, government cover-ups, halloween, halo, harry potter, highlander, hilary duff, honey suckle, howard stern, hugs, incense, iron maiden, jeff goldblum, jewel, johnny the homicidal maniac, jumping rope, kingdom hospital, kisses, lara croft, libraries, live journal, lord of the rings, louisville, love, men in black, metal gear solid, michael crichton, misfits, monty python, movies, mt holly video, murray state university, nesquik, nintendo, nosferatu, ouija boards, paranormal, penguins, perfume, pet rats, pet slugs, peter pan, pictures for therapy, pink, pirates, playstation 2, preeb, psp, punk, purple, rain, reading, robots, role playing games, romance, running, scarfs, sci-fi, sex pistols, sirius radio, skate boarding, skye sweetnam, snow, southern high school, spike spiegel, st. louis cardinals, star trek, star wars, stardust, stunod niknuds, super nintendo, tampa bay buccaneers, tarot cards, the british, the coming robot revolution, the cranberries, the cure, the matrix, the x-files, thrift stores, thundercats, thunderstorms, track and field, turtles, unicorns, us history, vampires, vanilla coke, video games, wallace and gromit, welsh corgi, wii, witchcraft, writing, www.illwillpress.com, yeah yeah yeahs, zelda, zoo